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Quarter Grill

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Tired of peppers falling through the holes or falling over and off your grill? Can't find enough of the right size peppers for your grill? Do your inside peppers stay raw while your outside peppers burn? Ever have your grill feet fall through the grill grate spilling your peppers into the coals? Need special tools to carry your grill to and from the fire? Well, all of those issues and more are gone forever with the Jalapeno grills from Jalapeno Jeaven!

All Jalapeno Jeaven grills have an exclusive patented tapered hole design with air gaps between tines that allow heat to travel up the sides of the pepper cooking it evenly. They also include over-sized feet that are guaranteed to provide a solid stance on all grill oven racks. Made from heavy gauge commercial grade stainless steel and can be used in both your oven or on your grill. And, it's dishwasher safe!

This grill fits perfectly along the curved edge of your round or oval grill leaving plenty of grill space for other great food. Need more than 10 peppers? Use two or more grill racks at the same time, they just fit next to each other completing a circle on your grill rack. This grill is designed specifically for round or oval grills and works best with grills that have a grill rack diameter of more than 18".

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