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Man Law Giant Grill Brush


This 20.6" Giant long handle brush is the tool you need to keep your grill clean. Made with a wood handle to insulate the heat and 2.5mm-thick heavy duty stainless steel - the long handle has extra thickness for safety and protection. Equipped with a built-in bottle opener so you can pop a bottle of cola or beer to cool you down while grilling.�

MAN LAW is a collective brand of BBQ tools and accessories that takes pride in its premium quality. MAN LAW BBQ Tools and Accessories are the highest quality BBQ products available. These BBQ products are designed by men for men. Every Tool with the MAN LAW name is constructed with heavy duty materials. Each BBQ Tool is an over-sized, heavy weight utensil with large, sturdy handles.

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Ships to US only. Typically leaves warehouse in 2-7 business days.

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