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1/4 Inch Gray Reflective


10 lb. jar of 1/4" Gray Reflective Fireglass form the American Fireglass Premium Collection. Gray Reflective Fireglass is a gray colored glass with a reflective mirror effect on one side. The reflective properties offer a brilliant sparkle under the mid-day sun, or a reflection of fire while the flame is burning after dark. It is most appealing in a fireplace that has stone or rock surrounding the hearth or in a fire pit made of natural stone. We recommend mixing the Gray Reflective Fireglass with one of American Fireglass's darker Classic Colors, which will compliment the lighter color. Gray Reflective Fireglass is also available in the 1/2" Premium Collection and in non-reflective in both 1/4" in the Classic Collection, and 1/2" in the 1/2" Collection.

All American Fireglass products are quality inspected to ensure impeccable performance, elegant appearance, and 100% customer satisfaction. �

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