Enjoy the fireplace you’ve always wanted, expansive views and all. Combined with a Monessen vent free log set, the Exacta firebox provides warmth and ambiance to practically anyone, anywhere. The Exacta delivers maximum airflow, efficiently adding heat to your home, while the zero clearance design gives you flexibility, and helps save installation dollars.

• Available in 36" and 42" models 
• Black interior provides elegant background for vent free log set
• Large hearth area allows for a variety of log sets
• Angled firebox and uniquely engineered air channels move more heat into the room, maximizing efficiency

• Clean, louverless design

Accessory Options:
• Blower Kit
• Brick interior available for a traditional look

Model BUF36 BUF42  
Framing Width 42-1/2” 48-1/2”  
Framing Height 37-1/2” 37-1/2”  
Framing Depth 23-1/4” 23-1/4”



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